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Pleurotus mushrooms_AGROTEC _1_(2011)

Biofumigation_AGROTEC _1_(2011)

Precision agriculture_AGROTEC _1_(2011)

Increasing yield in maize in Minho_AGROTEC_2_(2012)

Biological degradation of pesticides_AGROTEC_2_(2012)

Use of forage maize hybrid in organic farming_AGROTEC_2_(2012)

Substrates characteristics for horticulture part I_AGROTEC_2_(2012)

Control of the cherry fly_AGROTEC_3_(2012)

Substrates characteristics for horticulture part II_AGROTEC_3_(2012)

Substrates characteristics for horticulture part II_AGROTEC_3_(2012)


Assessment of the water footprint of animal slaughter houses in Brazil_AGROTEC_3_(2012)

Using a Ground Penetrating Radar_AGROTEC_3_(2012)


Cachaça from Minas Gerais in Brazil_AGROTEC_4_(2012)

Field populations and local varieties of fodder maize_AGROTEC_3_(2012)

Control of mastitis in dairy sheep – a review_AGROTEC 4__(2012)

Using a Ground Penetrating Radar_AGROTEC_3_(2012)

The productivity of the culture of Lemon Verbena_AGROTEC 5_(2012)

Sustainable management and valuation of oak forests AGROTEC 3 (2012)

Grafted Vines – one assertion in the Portuguese Viticulture_AGROTEC 5_(2012)

Myrtus communis L. – Agrotec (2013) 6

Diversity and genetic relationships in ‘Amaral’ grapevine cultivar from ‘Vinhos Verdes and Lafões’ wine regions – Agrotec _2013_ 6

Trichinosis what is it. How is it transmitted to humans. How to prevent it_AGROTEC_(2013)_6

Vegetation Management – Mechanical Technique Efficiency and Litter Decomposition_AGROTEC _(2013)_7

Hypericum perforatum L._AGROTEC_(2013)_7

New times, old diseases, echinococcosis-hydatidosis, a zoonosis to respect._AGROTEC_(2013)_7

Eucalyptus globulus Labill. and other eucalyptus species_AGROTEC_(2013)_8

Diversity of gastrointestinal parasites in Portuguese cattle breed Minhota_AGROTEC_(2013)_8

Potential, the current scenario, and improving the efficiency of forage utilization of the Cynodon plants_AGROTEC_(2013)_8


Hedgerows – Functions, types and design_AGROTEC_(2013)_8

Mapping to Support Decision Making in Beekeeping_AGROTEC_(2013)_8

Gametophytic Incompatibility in Rosaceous Fruit Crops AGROTEC 10

Mastitis in sheep slaughtered for consumption_AGROTEC_9_2013

Quality attributes, antioxidant activity and poliphenols totals of virgin olive oil from cvs. “Verdeal Transmontana” and “Madural” extracted by two phase centrigugation_AGROTEC_9_2013

Wild blackberries, a new crop_AGROTEC_9_2013

Contribution for the assessment of ripening evolution of strawberry tree fruits during post-harvest_AGROTEC_9_2013

Pollen research in oliviculture_AGROTEC_9_2013

Trees in urban spaces_AGROTEC_9_2013

Oyster and Shiitake Mushroom_AGROTEC_9_2013

Thymus capitellatus_AGROTEC_9_2013

Performance of day-neutral strawberry cultivars in two autumn production systems_AGROTEC_9_2013

Abcessiformes lesions in rabbits as a cause of meat condemantion in the slaughterhouse AGROTEC 10

Prophylaxis of Plasma calcium level puerperal in dairy cows AGROTEC 10

Proposal for sizing of Facilities and Equipment through Body Measurements in Dairy Cows AGROTEC 10

Fruit Breeding – Background, Goals and Main Approaches AGROTEC 10

Mentha pulegium L. AGROTEC 10

Chickpea: a leguminous-grain plant valid to the mediterranean dry land AGROTEC 10

Soilless culture drainage: residue or resource? AGROTEC 10

Target to communicate effectively with the farmer

The evidence in the Northern Alentejo AGROTEC 10

Body Condition score as a tool in dairy cow management AGROTEC 11

Lavandula luisieri (Rozeira) Rivas -Martínez e Lavandula pedunculata (Mill.) Cav. AGROTEC 11

Fruit breeding – background, goals and main approaches (Part II/II) AGROTEC 11

Mechanical pruning and organic amendments: effects on yield, vigour and grape composition of the variety “SYRAH” AGROTEC 11

Smart Cork Stopper for Wine and Spirituous Beverage Bottle Tagging AGROTEC 11

Portuguese viticulture facing climate change AGROTEC 11

Pinus Pinaster Aiton e Pinus Pinea L. AGROTEC 12

Collection and Handling of Seeds AGROTEC 12

Arbutus berry – fruit with beneficial effect on degenerative diseases AGROTEC 12

New Tools to Support Technical Decisions in Fruit Growing – Contribute of Biotechnology AGROTEC 12

Direct and indirect environmental impacts from Portuguese irrigated systems_AGROTEC_13

Organic Agriculture – a strategic commitment for developing countries_AGROTEC_13

Juniperus Navicularis Gand._AGROTEC_13

Land Application of Olive Mill Wastewater – results from an experimental trial on an olive orchard_AGROTEC_13